Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 Lamb Meat Feast - For Working Dogs - 500g


Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 Lamb Meat Feast - For Working Dogs - 500g

This single-source protein meal is packed full of flavour and goodness. Made entirely from British lamb, this recipe contains 80% British lamb, 10% British lamb bone and 10% British lamb liver. Absolutely scrumptious! Benyfit Natural raw dog food is loved by dogs and owners alike and our 80*10*10 Meat Feast range is a firm favourite. For healthy skin, cleaner teeth and gums, glossy coat, better digestion and strong bones, Benyfit Natural is the only food your dog needs.
Price each


Ethically sourced human grade ingredients

50% Lamb Trim
20% Lamb Tripe
10% Lamb Heart
10% Lamb Bone
10% Lamb Liver


Moisture 75.84%, Crude Protein 17.6%, Crude Fat 12.4%, Crude Ash 2.2%, Crude Fibre 1.9%, Calcium 0.9%, Phosphorous 0.5%, kcal/ 100g 148.

Benyfit Natural 80*10*10 Lamb Meat Feast


Lamb Meat Feast

Benyfit Naturals Lamb Meat Feast recipe is a flavoursome combination of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ meat. The 80-10-10 formula is designed to mimic a wild canine diet, delivering a rich, nutrient-dense meal that your dog's sure to love.    

Feeding Guide

Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day. Every working dog is different. Adjust portions accordingly. Wash your hands, utensils and surfaces after handling any raw meat.

Best before 12 month from batch date on packaging. Once defrosted, refrigerate and use within 4 days. Complete working dog food. Not for human consumption.

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