Canagan Welsh Lamb - For Adult Dogs


Canagan Welsh Lamb - For Adult Dogs

Canagan is a complete and balanced grain-free food with organic vegetables, fresh meat and chelated minerals; making a wholesome, tasty and nutritious meal for adult dogs. Naturally, our ingredients are delivered fresh each day and cooked with love for our special friends.
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Freshly Prepared Deboned Welsh Lamb (65%), Sweet Potato, Organic Carrots, Organic Peas, Organic Broccoli, Vitamins & Minerals, Green Lipped Mussel*, Salmon Oil, Organic Apple, Organic Spinach, Seaweed, Parsley, Yucca, Rosehips, Nettle, Marigold, Slippery Elm, Aniseed, Peppermint, Rosemary.    


Crude Protein 10.3%, Fat Content 6.3%, Crude Fibre 0.5%, Crude Ash 2.3%, Moisture 75.0%   

Feeding Guide

If the dog is overweight, reduce food intake by 10%. If the dog looks underweight increase food intake by 10%. Continue until the correct weight is achieved.

Adult Dog

  Dog Size     Weight (Kg)     Amount (Cans)  
 Toy   1-5   0.25-0.5
 Small   5-12   0.5-1.5
 Medium   12-25   1.5-2.75
 Large   25-45   2.75-3.75
 Giant   45-70   3.75-5.75


  Dog Size     Weight (Kg)     Amount (Cans)  
 Toy  1-5  0.5-1.5
 Small  5-12  1.5-2.5
 Medium  12-25  2.5-4
 Large  25-45  4-8
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