DAF Beef Tripe Chunks - Working Dogs - 1Kg


DAF Beef Tripe Chunks - Working Dogs - 1Kg

Green tripe, in particular, is high in nutrients, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria. Green tripe is far more nutritious for dogs than white or highly processed tripe because it is untreated and completely natural. Green tripe contains high levels of vitamin B12, selenium, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. No artificial colour, preservatives, additives cereals or fillers.


100% Beef Tripe cut the fist size portions. 


Protein 13%, oil 13%, moisture 74%

Packed in the UK

Pet food only - Not for human consumption 

Durham Animal feeds box


Green Tripe has the following nutritional benefits for dogs:

Probiotics. Lactobacillus acidophilus, a type of bacteria found in the gut of animals, is found in raw green tripe. It is thought to improve gut health by controlling populations of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, resulting in improved gut immunity.

Fatty acids that are essential. Tripe contains a healthy ratio of omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) and omega-6 fatty acids. It is harmful for dogs to consume too much or too little of either of these essential fatty acids.

Enzymes for digestion Tripe contains digestive enzymes, which aid digestion by breaking down food and increasing nutrient accessibility.

Can tempt picky eaters. The strong odour can help finicky or elderly dogs who may have a limited sense of smell eat their food.

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