DAF Variety Box - For Working Dogs - 14 x 1lb Packs


DAF Variety Box - For Working Dogs - 14 x 1lb Packs

These mixed boxes can contain any mixture of what’s listed below. They will mostly contain 80-10-10 but can contain boneless minces and can contain offal mix too. These are a great way to try new proteins and vary their diet whilst keeping cost down.

Please note you cannot specify ask what’s in the boxes, they are pre-mixed by DAF.

One mixed box contains 14 1lb minces

Beef & Chicken Mince
Beef & Heart Mince
Beef & Liver Mince
Beef & Tripe Mince
Beef Mince
Beef Mince, Meat Only
Lamb & Lamb Tripe Mince
Lamb Mince
Lamb Mince, Meat Only
Pork & Tripe Mince
Pork Mince
Pork Mince, Meat Only
Veal Mince 1
Veal Mince, Meat Only
Chicken & Apple Mince
Chicken & Lamb Mince
Chicken & Liver Mince
Chicken & Oily Fish Mince

Chicken & Tripe Mince
Chicken Mince
Chicken Mince, Meat Only
Duck & Tripe Mince
Duck Mince
Fish Mince
Game & Tripe Mince
Haddock Mince
Offal Mix
Oily Fish Mince
Pheasant Mince
Rabbit Mince
Trout Mince
Turkey & Apple Mince
Turkey Mince
Venison Mince
Venison Mince, Meat Only
White Fish Mince

Durham Animal feeds box


A range of at least 4 different products but normally more! A great way to get a variety of proteins for your pet all in one box.   

Assorted Box of Meats 14 x 454g (1lb)

This box will contains

  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial colours
  • 100% Real Meat
  • B Vitamins and Calcium

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