Eden Lamb and Game - Suitable For Dogs & Cats


Eden Lamb and Game - Suitable For Dogs & Cats

Eden's treats contain 70% air dried meat and are for both Cats and Dogs!! A treat for cats and dogs may be a new concept in the market but you have to ask yourself in the wild would a cat or dog distinguish its prey when hungry? Not really! With a full 100g in pack size with the addition of the Eden Health Pack to support digestion, joints, dental heath and fresh breath. Each treat comes in a 20mm long section, which can easily be broken with your fingers to the desired size.
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A fantastic treat for both For Cats and Dogs:

  • 70% naturally air-dried British Lamb & Game with Sweet Potato
  • May be fed alongside a raw diet
  • Made in small strips which can be easily broken in smaller pieces
  • Two types of Prebiotics for digestive health
  • Parsley for fresh breath
  • Contains fibre for digestive health
  • A special blend of minerals to help maintain dental health
  • Minerals to help reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar
  • Glucosamine for joint health
  • Made in Britain with British Ingredients
  • A full 100 grams per pack
  • Feed 3-4 pieces a day as part of a balanced diet


Lamb (44%), Mixed Game Meat  (Inc: Buffalo, Bison, Wild Boar) (26%), Vegetable Glycerine, Sweet Potato

Eden Health Pack (Cellulose, dried parsley, sodium hexametaphosphate, yeasts (a source of mannanoligosaccharides; prebiotic MOS), chicory inulin, glucosamine (5.6%)

A blend of organic acids and minerals.


Crude Protein 17.1%
Crude Oils & Fats 12.3%
Crude Fibre 4.1%
Crude Ash 3.0%
Moisture 24.2%

Other Flavours......

Naturally air dried treats for your pets.

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