Nutriment Just Tripe - 500g

Nutriment Just Tripe - Raw Food - 500g
Nutriment Just Tripe - Raw Food - 500g

Nutriment Just Tripe - 500g

Nutriment Just Tripe raw dog food is a complementary food.

Contains: British Beef Green Tripe (100%)


Typical analysis as fed:

  • Moisture: 65.00%
  • Protein: 15.1%
  • Fat: 17.5%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 1.1%
  • Fibre: 0.5%
  • Calcium: 0.2%
  • Phosphorus: 0.3%
  • Sodium: 0.07%

Why and what is green tripe

Tripe is the stomach of a cow, which consists of four chambers – the rumen, reticulum, omasum and the abomasum. The food the animal eats (i.e. grass, hay) is swallowed un-chewed and passes into the rumen and reticulum where it is then regurgitated, chewed and mixed with saliva. It is then swallowed again, and passed through the reticulum and omasum in to the abomasum, where it is then further broken down by the gastric juices, amino acids and other digestive enzymes. These gastric juices and enzymes not only aid the animal in digestion, but also can aid your dog in digesting and efficiently utilizing his or her food. The amino acids are necessary for muscular development and the other gastric juices can assist in keeping teeth clean. Green tripe also contains Lactic Acid Bacteria, known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which is the main ingredient in probiotics. It is also low in phosphorus (0.13%) making it ideal for dogs with liver and kidney problems.

Lactic Acid Bacteria (Probiotics) – 290,000,000/100gm

Estimated Glycaemic Load: 0 per 100g

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